Hi! I am an artist based on Hawaii Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I love traveling. I’ve been traveling solo for many years. Every year I’m off to somewhere to work, study, volunteer, or just to experience a new place and its culture. Whatever the reason might be, like attending some theater/puppet festivals around the world, working with theater companies, collaborating with other artists on creative projects, offering workshops to others, or taking workshops to enrich my work, I always return home inspired and energized with new creative ideas and appreciation for home and commonality we all share.

I love getting lost in unknown places and meeting people. I love cooking and eating so trying out many different dishes and food around the world feeds my soul and creativity too. I love photography. Another reason for going to new and unknown parts of the world is to capture the images of amazing places, people, and nature.

Being an artist also means that I’m on a shoestring budget to make these trips possible. I love the challenges of finding creative ways to make my travels and adventures a reality. Hope you find something in my blog that inspires you to see a new place and different parts of the world. Aloha! Bonnie Kim