Segovia, Spain (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

May 15, 2014

Famous for its Roman Aqueduct, Segovia is one of the must-see ancient places in Spain, also designated as an UNESCO World Heritage site. It is about an hour away from Madrid by car and a wonderful choice for a day trip from Madrid. The bus between Madrid and Segovia runs frequently.

On the day I went to check out the Titirimundi Puppet Festival in Segovia, I was surprised to see how this festival had transformed this special city into a magical place. Intermingled in ancient city were special puppet exhibits, carousel, and puppet stages. Along with several theaters in the city, temporary outdoor performance venues were set up throughout the city. Many children came to the city on their school field trip to see puppet shows. Watching them fully captivated by puppet shows with pure joy on their faces was absolutely delightful.  (Check out more photos of Segovia in Photo Gallery)